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Martha Stewart Is Ready to Elevate Your Thanksgiving Spread This Year — Here’s How

published Nov 9, 2020
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Credit: Peggy Lin

Kitchn staffers end the day with the same question as everyone else: “What’s for dinner?” And, like everyone else, we’ve been spending more time than ever in our kitchens. To say that some days it feels like a real chore to put food on the table is an understatement. So, we tasked three Kitchn staffers with trying a Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon meal kit. Read on to find out how it went — and click here to get $90 off your first three meal kits.

Credit: Peggy Lin

Peggy, Kitchn’s associate producer, is an avid cook and meal planner. While she loves cooking for her boyfriend and her young niece (age five), trying to prepare meals that please all ages can quickly become draining. This Thanksgiving, she’ll be at home with her family of seven and is already concerned about the burden of planning and cooking a full holiday dinner that will not only nourish the people she cares for but also be delicious and festive.

So, we offered her the chance to take a test run of Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon’s special Thanksgiving recipes before the big day. Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon is favored among meal kits for providing adventurous home cooks easy recipes that use seasonal ingredients, all approved by Martha herself. The Thanksgiving menu includes everything but the turkey: apps, sides, and desserts that are all homemade (by you!) but planned and shopped by someone else. Here’s how Peggy’s trial run went.

Credit: Peggy Lin

A Thanksgiving Dinner Without the Headache

The Thanksgiving table at Peggy’s house will include family members of all ages, ranging from 5 to 65 years old. With that comes different tastes, and while most of her family members are adventurous eaters, she wants to make sure there’s something for everyone. Peggy was particularly excited to try the Martha Stewart–approved Thanksgiving recipes. “She has such a respected name, so I expected everything to be impeccable,” she told us.

Credit: Peggy Lin

The Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon Thanksgiving recipes, which are available for delivery the week of Thanksgiving, offer something for everyone. Delivered to your doorstep with all the ingredients you need to cook, the menu choices include an appetizer, a wide range of side dishes, and a couple of desserts: BBQ Cocktail Meatballs, Parmesan-Thyme & Hot Honey-Glazed Vegetables, Martha’s Creamy Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans, Thanksgiving Cheesy Sausage Stuffing, Pink Lady Apple Crisp, and Cream Cheese-Swirled Pumpkin Pie.

It wasn’t the usual spread Peggy’s family was used to, but all the twists on classic dishes went over exceptionally well with her large family. “The Biscuits & Veggies were an especially big hit,” Peggy said. “I’ve never considered making biscuits from scratch before because I’m always nervous they will turn out dry, but Martha’s recipe changed my mind. The recipe was easy to follow and resulted in buttery, soft biscuits!”

Peggy also found herself just outside her comfort zone for dessert. She’s an adventurous cook, but not much of a baker. The Pink Lady Apple Crisp may have changed that. She found the recipe easy to follow and the result was a success: “It wasn’t too sweet, which my family appreciates. The granola on top was nice and crunchy which paired well with the warm, cinnamon-y apples inside. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top made for a melty, gooey, and really comforting end to the night.”

Credit: Peggy Lin

Peggy appreciated that the kit eliminates all the pre-planning and grocery shopping. “Thanksgiving is always a struggle to figure out who wants to take on the responsibility of meal planning, so this planned kit is a huge help,” Peggy said. “Plus, with the recipe instructions provided, it’s easy to delegate tasks in the kitchen instead of having a thousand voices shouting at me asking what the next step is.”

In the end, Peggy told us that yes, she will be reaching for Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon’s special Thanksgiving recipes to ensure a headache-free holiday that surprises everyone at the table.

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