You Have a Celebrity Thanksgiving Soul Mate! Discover Who They Are with Our Flowchart

updated Apr 17, 2020
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Thanksgiving is coming (so soon!) and whether you’re a host or a guest, eating an offbeat Friendsgiving or a traditional spread, you probably have a heart full of wishes for this most food-centric of holidays.

And to help you achieve all your heart’s desires, we have a very important task for you: It is time to discover your celebrity Thanksgiving soul mate. That’s right — from Ina Garten to Alton Brown, discovering an as-yet-unknown kinship will give you deep insights into the depths of the Thanksgiving corner of your soul, and guide you to peak turkey day satisfaction.

Who are you, deep down? Are you an Alton? A Ree? A Martha? There’s only one way to find out.

Alton Brown, Ina Garten, Martha Stewart, and Ree Drummond have Thanksgiving on lock, and each of them have very different styles (and recipes). You might love Ina’s classic recipes on an average weeknight, but does Alton’s geeky sensibility secretly match your Thanksgiving cravings? Do you have a surprising affinity for all things Martha, or play potluck like Pioneer Woman?

Once you’ve found your celebrity soul mate, we’ll unlock ways to vibe right along with them for peak Thanksgiving, from their playlist to their dinner drink to their best recipes.

There’s no wrong answer here, remember — we’re just trying to help you create your best Thanksgiving ever (with some help from the pros, of course).

Here’s How to Play the Game

Are you an Ina, Alton, Martha, or Ree? Answer the questions on the flowchart below and follow the arrows until you reach the bottom. Once you have your number, click on the corresponding number below the flowchart to find your Thanksgiving celebrity soul mate. Good luck!

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Got your number? Great! Click on the corresponding number below to reveal your celebrity soulmate.

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(Image credit: The Kitchn)

Let us know who you got!