Thanksgiving Breakfast: Cranberry or Parmesan Scones

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Scones are a wonderful way to go on Thanksgiving morning. They are quick, easy, and terribly popular. We love a soft, melting scone, hot out of the oven! If you are looking for one quick thing for a light Thanksgiving breakfast, how about one of these two recipes — one sweet, one savory?

Both of these scone recipes are good choices for Thanksgiving — especially Thanksgiving breakfast. I love the cranberry scones because they put a nice twist on the popular cranberry-orange scone and use fresh cranberries instead of dried. This makes them more tart and vibrant, with a pop of tart fruit that wakes you up!

The Parmesan scones are a great savory choice, a good balance to all the sweet things that will come later in the day. And scones in general are just such a great quick breakfast; they come together very quickly because they have short ingredient lists, and they don’t need to be mixed very much. In fact, you really shouldn’t mix them much at all; mix as little as possible to keep their tenderness intact.

What are you planning for Thanksgiving breakfast (if you’re eating anything at all)?

(Images: Faith Durand)