Thanksgiving Trends: What’s Hot & What’s Not in 2011

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Get out your recipes and start your shopping lists! It’s November 1st, which means open season on Thanksgiving planning. Zach and Clay from The Bitten Word are here to help us get started with a look at what’s trending (and what’s not) in our favorite food magazines this year.

After collecting all of this year’s Thanksgiving issues and indexing their recipes, Zach and Clay’s verdict is that Thanksgiving 2011 is looking pretty laid back, actually. Lots of traditional comfort dishes and familiar flavors. Which, given how hard food magazines try to re-invent the wheel every year, honestly feels like a welcome relief!

Some trends were clear. Vegetarian main dishes put in a good showing. And after a few seasons of a “Thanksgiving cake” trend, pie is back (hooray!). Green beans and Brussels sprouts led the charge for side dishes, while corn continues to be absent from Thanksgiving recipes.

Take a look at Zach and Clay’s full analysis of this year’s trends:

And you’ll want to bookmark their index of recipes for future reference and menu planning:

Any ideas about what you’ll be making for Thanksgiving this year?