10 Tex-Mex Breakfast Recipes That You Will Love

updated Jul 5, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

The next time you’re in a breakfast rut, I’ve got the most delicious way to pull you out. It starts with tortillas and involves giving your morning meal some Tex-Mex flair. Breakfast burritos and tacos are always a good place to start (and my personal favorite!), but that’s just the beginning. Get inspired with these 10 hearty and comforting Tex-Mex breakfast favorites.

Tex-Mex Breakfast Recipes

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Huevos Rancheros Casserole
Huevos rancheros go the way of the casserole with a double layer of corn tortillas, a generous helping of beans and cheese, and the signature spicy-sweet tomato-chile sauce.
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Bean Chilaquiles with Avocado & Queso Fresco

Let’s face it — most of us have stale corn tortillas lingering somewhere in the back of the fridge. Chilaquiles is my favorite way to give them new life, by simmering them in some salsa and turning them into breakfast in about 10 minutes.

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Basic Breakfast Tacos

These tacos start with a mix of crispy bacon, diced potato, onion, and sweet bell pepper.

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Tex-Mex Migas

For this simple and ultra-comforting breakfast you just need some eggs, a couple of tortillas, a hunk of cheese, and salsa.

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Baked Egg and Chorizo Enchiladas

Enchiladas are not just for dinner. This version starts with spiced Mexican chorizo, but it’s so easy to swap in mushrooms or beans if you want to keep it meat-free.

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Savory Tex-Mex Dutch Baby Pancake

All you need are some beans, chiles, hot sauce, and cheese to transform a classic Dutch baby pancake into a savory Tex-Mex breakfast for the whole table.

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Slow Cooker Breakfast Burrito Bowls

Whether you stuff this filling into a soft tortilla, spoon it into a bowl with avocado, or scoop it up with chips, there is no wrong way to devour this breakfast.

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Portable Breakfast Quesadillas

This play on the Crunch Wrap stuffs scrambled eggs and cheese into a soft flour tortilla for the most portable breakfast quesadilla around.

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Skillet Chipotle Chilaquiles with Eggs

When there are no corn tortillas in the fridge, reach in the pantry for that bag of tortilla chips to bring these skillet chilaquiles to life.

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Potato, Chorizo, and Cheesy Egg Burritos

Why make one breakfast burrito when you can make a dozen? This big-batch recipe is the ticket to stocking your freezer so you can start your morning with a loaded egg burrito during the week.

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