Is This “American” Aisle in an English Grocery Store Actually Accurate?

updated Jul 8, 2019
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Credit: circlePS / Shutterstock

Quick question for you: What would you consider to be “American” food? Hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie? Or is that just the cliché answer at this point? That’s the question Twitter tried to provide insight into after Yasmine Summan posted a photo from her local Tesco in England.

The photos featured popcorn, marshmallows, lots of candy — including Reese’s of many types, Hershey’s bars, and Nerds — Red Vines, beef jerky, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Snyder’s pretzels, Libby’s Pumpkin, and, most controversially, hot dogs in a jar.

The main issue many respondents had with the pictures was that it was all junk food, but given that it’s a shelf in a store across the water, it makes sense they’re not selling Georgia peaches or Indiana corn. What doesn’t make sense, though, is the hot dogs in a jar.

Ironically, the original poster came to the defense of the clear glass full of sausages, tagging in the store for help: “@Tesco everyone is freaking out about hot dogs in a jar can you please tell them this is like totally normal and I’m not crazy???” she requested. 

Apparently, what we learn from this photo is that the American section of the British store might just be a little more British than it seemed at first glance. In fact, tube meats afloat in liquid didn’t raise questions, but a few other American foods did mystify — and, reading her questions, I’m rethinking them myself: “I love that everyone has an issue with the hot dogs in a jar but not like BEEF jerky?? (I don’t understand what that is and I’m honestly scared?? What- where is the beef from?? How do they make it jerky??) Steak sauce?? Marshmallow in a jar??”I’m afraid I can’t even help with her final request in that post, “America, Explain.”

So, what do you think of the “American” grocery aisle? Does it seem accurate to you or just… wrong?