Stefani Terracotta Water Coolers and Purifiers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you purify your water? We’ve talked about why we drink tap water instead of bottled water. Sometimes tap water is just fine to drink – depending on where you live. But in some places it’s preferable to filter the water for reasons of taste and purity. We just came across these Stefani Terracotta Water Crocks and we’re intrigued.

Terracotta’s evaporating properties cool water naturally, so these water coolers need no plumbing or electricity. These crocks also use replaceable carbon filters to filter out impurities and chemicals that are sometimes found in drinking water.

You can buy Stefani Water Crocks for about $140-$230, depending on size and model, and save the electricity and space in your fridge that might usually be devoted to a jug of water.

What about you? Do you filter your water?