My Safety Drink at Questionable Bars: Tequila Ginger Ale

My Safety Drink at Questionable Bars: Tequila Ginger Ale

Chris Perez
Apr 16, 2013

Pop quiz. You're at a bar that serves drinks out of a nozzle — what do you order? We're talking cocktails on The Kitchn this week, but let's face it, you won't always find yourself at an establishment (or a home) that serves fine cocktails. Sometimes you've got to play things safe and order up something simple to avoid the "You want me to muddle what?" face. That's the time I go for a tequila and ginger ale. Have you tried one?

If you only have two ingredients, they better both be great… err, at least decent. That's precisely why I order a Tequila Ginger Ale.

Tequila, is my favorite spirit. Maybe because I'm Mexican and have some inborn affinity towards it or maybe because the good stuff has an earthy bite that I enjoy (thanks to the agave plant it's distilled from). It's something I can drink straight, and even when it's bad it's not all that bad — at least in my book.

When I make a cocktail, I usually look to add something herbal and slightly sweet. That's where the ginger ale comes in, which brings some effervescene to the table as well. If you can, go for the REAL ginger ale — the stuff made from ginger root not artificial syrups and pricks your tongue with some heat. This coupled with tequila is perfection that I wouldn't mind ordering even if I were at a place with nicer cocktail options. I just may ask them to muddle a jalapeño with it too.

What's your favorite drink to order when you're at a bad bar?

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(Images: Chris Perez)

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