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This Recipe for Tequila Butter Will Be Your New Favorite Spread

published Sep 20, 2022
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Compound butter (softened butter that has been whipped with various sweet or savory ingredients) in a bowl with a knife beside it
Credit: Photo: Eric Kleinberg; Food Styling: Kristina Vanni

Chef Tom Straker’s website says that his mission — after years in some of the poshest spaces on the London restaurant scene — is to “bring simple, high quality cooking into people’s homes.” What better way to do that than with fancy infused butters featuring flavors you may never have thought you needed in butter, like … tequila?

In a series of Reels aptly titled “All Things Butter,” Straker has shared close to 50 infused butter recipes with his followers. Some are practical combinations that you likely could have imagined or eventually run across in a recipe (think: tomato and chili or garlic and parsley). Others, however, take transformative creativity to new heights and may even change the way you view this common condiment as an ingredient. (What would you do with chocolate, coffee, and salted caramel butter?)

Though some of the combinations he’s chosen aren’t anything new under the sun, there are plenty that Straker’s created that will make you wonder why no one thought of this before. Case in point: the aforementioned tequila butter.

While he no longer shares the exact recipes for his blended butters, the video sharing this particular take finds Straker combining butter — his previous recipes called for 7 ounces — with 2 chopped and deseeded jalapeños, fresh chopped coriander, both lime zest and lime juice, and salt and pepper. 

You’ll start by placing all ingredients in a bowl and use a hand mixer to whip them all together. Once the butter and seasoning are combined, add a “sploosh” — as Straker calls it — of tequila blanco before mixing well again.

As with all of the “All Things Butter” videos, he also offers a serving suggestion. In this instance, he suggests you try sautéing shrimp in the butter mixture, using enough to have a sauce of sorts left over after cooking. Plate the shrimp and top with more chopped coriander before serving. Sounds delish? I think so!

Back in May, Straker celebrated his 20th butter creation with a caption indicating that he would stop at 40. As of the coffee butter recipe released earlier this month, however, we are at 48 mash-ups and counting.