Ten Things I Love: Suzanne’s Knifaway

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Welcome to our weekend marathon of readers’ favorite things from their kitchens. Sara Kate asked you to share your favorite things last week in her email, and we received some really wonderful responses. We’re going to show you a last few over today and tomorrow, starting with this one from Suzanne.

Suzanne sent us just one favorite thing, and we have to admit that it looks pretty interesting!

ETA: Suzanne asked us to add a few details that clarify her relationship to this product and her enthusiasm for it.

Suzanne asked us to edit her note below in response to reader comments about the photos. Her added text is in bold.

Suzanne says:

Here are some pictures of a new gadget which really made my life less cluttered. It’s a knife holder which fits inside a cupboard door. I have a large house but surprisingly little counter space and with 3 teenagers it seems my counter is always full. This handy dandy device replaced my knife block while keeping it easy to grab a knife and store it away again. It’s space-effective, very inexpensive and quite ingenious. It is called a ‘KNIFAWAY’ (talk about an appropriate name) and I got it at our office gift exchange a year ago.
I searched and FINALLY found the company who makes them and decided to import them and make them more readily available on the web because everyone in my family wanted one.

The pictures on the KNIFAWAY website are truly from my own kitchen and I built the website myself. My parents even put one in their motorhome!

Thank you Suzanne! This looks like a good storage solution for kitchen knives — at least in homes without small kids (or pets, perhaps). Here’s more about the Knifaway:

The KNIFAWAY, $19.99

(Images: Suzanne)