Ten Things I Love: Leslie’s Azurite Teatime

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_2_25-10thingsleslie.jpgIn last Thursday’s email (signed up yet?) I showed you ten things I love from my mother’s kitchen, and I asked you to show us ten things you love in your own kitchen. Many of you have replied, and we’ve been showing you some of our favorites!

Here’s Leslie’s kitchen, a sanctuary for teatime with a vintage flair.

1. Vintage apron collection – great when you have impromptu guests to help cook or younger visitors baking cookies
2. Fireking Azurite dish collection – my mom pieced my collection together via eBay
3. Cow & calf creamers – great for coffee and I love them both sitting together on my lazy susan
4. Garlic holder – I bought this is Monterrey Mexico and it now holds my garlic
5. Vintage knife holder – I love being able to keep my smaller pairing knives close to the stove
6. Fireking mixing bowls – I have pieced together the azurite set of mixing bowls and am working on the red dot. I love having these in all the different sizes for baking
7. Bodum press pot – the only thing I use to make a great cup of coffee
8. My assortment of different teas
9. Tea Revives You poster – recently purchased because of my love for tea
10. Vintage glasses – my mom put together this set of vintage glasses with the different flowers on them

Thanks, Leslie, for sharing your kitchen with us.