Ten Things I Love: Uncle Thorvald’s Happy Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_03_01-Thorval.jpgHere is one final reader kitchen from our call for your Ten Favorite Things. This one comes all the way from Copenhagen via Susan Serra, the kitchen owner’s niece and the proprietor of The Kitchen Designer. We love Susan’s blog and her wonderful eye for kitchen design, so we were thrilled to see this small, joyful corner of her own family history. Read on for more about Uncle Thorvald and his Copenhagen kitchen.

Susan says:

This is my Uncle Thorvald’s kitchen just outside of Copenhagen, which he last remodeled 50 years ago. Uncle Thorvald is 95 and is a busy guy. He cooks, he plays music, he entertains the “old people” at the nursing home a few times a week with music, he entertains, reads books and lives a happy life with many friends and family surrounding him.

I have visited this kitchen for 40 years and have been amazed with the efficiency that he and his wife (Vabs, my aunt) prepared for dinner parties and set up, prepped, and cleaned up in a jiffy, while cooking everything from scratch, of course.

They worked, and he still works in the kitchen in a happy, focused, way. I was a little surprised to see a case of Tuborg (beer) in the kitchen, but Danes are never without beer!

Susan, thank you so much for this peek into Uncle Thorvald’s kitchen.

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(Images: Susan Serra)