Ten Things I Love: Renee’s Kitchen Flowers and Art

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_02_27-Renee.jpgHere are three lovely ideas for kitchen decoration from reader Renee.

Renee says:

1) I’ve strung two cup hooks with black ribbon and put up a changing array of my photographs, clipped with tiny clothespins.

2) I collect antique wall vases. And new ones! Keeps fresh, colorful flowers at interesting heights in each room.

3) I’ve begun covering a couple of our old white metal cabinets with bits of broken mirror pieces, tiles, in different shapes and sizes but in my favorite color mixes. I don’t do the entire cabinet as they are very tall, but in some random pattern towards the bottom and sides and not each one.. The light hitting the mirrors is interesting in the sunlight by day and in the evening.

Thank you Renee!

(Images: Renee)