Ten Things I Love: Jennifer’s Sturdy Tools

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_02_27-Jennifer.jpgJennifer has a marvelously hard-working kitchen! Look at the great setup she has; we’re rather envious of her copper potrack and this rail for keeping printed recipes at eye level. Read on to see more of what she says about her favorite kitchen things.

• My mother’s recipe for the best vanilla in the world: 2 vanilla beans in a bottle of vodka (this one is 750 ml), let sit for at least 6 months, enjoy! As you can see, I need to replenish my small bottle soon!

• My new Microplane box grater; I just bought it yesterday and haven’t even had a chance to use it, but as much as I love my Microplane zester, I know I’m going to love this, too!

• The Foley citrus juicer that belonged to my grandmother; I have yet to find one that works better

• My mother’s grapefruit knife; kind of hard to see the curve in the blade, but it’s there and it really works!

• My WilsonJones CopyHolder–it’s perfect for holding cookbooks upright. Currently it’s holding my latest cookbook checked out from the library, being tested to see if I want to buy it. I do!

• My wonderful, sturdy copper pot rack, displaying just a few of the pots and pans it so faithfully holds.

• The metal rail my husband installed for me on a shelf edge over the countertop so I could display printed recipes easily.

Thank you for the peek inside your kitchen, Jennifer!

(Images: Jennifer)