Ten Things I Love: Priscilla’s Costa Rica Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_03_01-Patricia.jpgPriscilla says that she is still working on her kitchen, but that this column reminded her of how the little things can make a kitchen special and worthwhile. Here’s a look at some of the special things in her Costa Rican kitchen.

Priscilla says:

Hello, my name is Priscilla Aguirre. I am a graphic designer from Costa Rica and have recently been hooked with your column and the one from Apartment Therapy. I took these pictures. We recently finished building our house, and well, the budget wasn’t enough to finish my kitchen cabinets, etc.

But, anyway, I love the little simple things that make my kitchen special and fit for baking bread and making pizza with my 5 year old.

I am in love with my cement countertop because it is great for kneading and our personalized dishes we painted years ago when my husband and I were not yet married. The gnochi maker my husband uses to make gnochi every 29th of the month as is traditional in Argentina, where he is from.

Anyway, the joy was taking them and remembering how much I love my kitchen and how great it will be one day at a time. Thank you!

1 Cement counter top and wooden gnochi maker. We love starfruit juice, we drink that all week long.

2These are our breakfast dishes, we painted them like 10 years ago and still use them every morning.

3 We have a chalkboard door in the kitchen and this is a little wooden box they sell here in Costa Rica to store salt. We use it to store the chalk — that is “tizas” in Spanish.

4 And finally I like this old milk bottle. They don’t do them anymore; I use it as a vase to decorate.

Thank you so much for showing us your lovely kitchen things, Priscilla!

(Images: Patricia)