Tell Us Your Favorite Ice Cream and We'll Tell You Your Age

Tell Us Your Favorite Ice Cream and We'll Tell You Your Age

Ariel Knutson
Jun 15, 2016
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You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite flavor of ice cream. We've already determined personality type based on your ice cream choice, and today we're going to take it one step further and guess your age. Are you ready? What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Keep it simple and we'll tell you what age you truly are.

1. Vanilla Ice Cream: You're 21 Years Old

You're an adult. Full stop. You're finally comfortable admitting to yourself that a good scoop of vanilla really isn't boring. In fact, it's downright delicious when done right. When you're feeling really fancy, you might even add on some sundae-esque toppings, because why not? You're an adult!

2. Chocolate Ice Cream: You're 37 Years Old

You don't have time for ice cream that doesn't have a chocolate base at this point in your life. You buy the good stuff. You don't spend time on what doesn't matter anymore. No busy work for you! Only chocolate.

3. Strawberry Ice Cream: You're 13 Years Old

Life can be hard and complicated when you're 13, but when it comes to ice cream, you don't even need to think twice. This pink ice cream filled with strawberries is so sophisticated and adult.

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5. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream: You're 29 Years Old

You finally don't care what people think about you, and you want something that makes you feel both adventurous and comforted. Enter: chocolate mint ice cream. It's both refreshing and creamy at the same time. Incredible!

6. Salted Caramel Ice Cream: You're 32 Years Old

You're so over how awful your 20s were and you're on to better, brighter things. You've balanced your life and you need a pint of ice cream that reflects that change. You're sensual. You're smooth. You know what you want.

7. Oreo Ice Cream: You're 18 Years Old

This is basically two desserts in one. Win! You always have a pint of this in your freezer. You especially love when you find whole Oreo cookies in your ice cream because that's really cool.

8. Pistachio Ice Cream: You're 41 Years Old

After going to yoga or tucking the kids into bed, you love digging into a scoop of pistachio ice cream. Technically you're more of a pistachio gelato person, but I mean, sometimes you have to give and take.

9. Pralines and Cream Ice Cream: You're 70 Years Old

This ice cream is classy and sweet. It has all that caramel swirl of your 30s mixed with the nutty crunch of your 40s. You're done with the non-dairy stuff; just take a Lactaid and enjoy your life, right?

10. Bubblegum Ice Cream: You're 4 Years Old

This ice cream is super sugary and super colorful. You had it once when you went to your friend's 5th birthday party and now you can't get enough of the stuff. Your mom isn't happy about your life choices, but you don't really care.

10. Coffee Ice Cream: You're 52 Years Old

You have a deep, French roast soul and you like your ice cream to reflect that. You like something that's intense and a little bitter, but still super creamy.

11. Peanut Butter Ice Cream: You're 26 Years Old

Peanut butter ice cream will never judge you. When your boss is being mean or your friends are being bullies, there's nothing like a big scoop of this stuff. It's almost kinda healthy, right? Because peanut butter has protein? Whatever, you're taking two scoops.

12. Fruit Sorbet: You're 63 Years Old

A good fruit sorbet is so sophisticated. It's what all the wise ladies eat when they want to end their fabulous dinners with something just a little sweet and cold. Maybe you eat it while sipping on one of your amazing digestifs you keep for special occasions. Live your life!

13. Coconut Ice Cream: You're 47 Years Old

Sometimes dairy does weird things to your stomach, but you really need ice cream. Welcome, dairy-free coconut ice cream! The day you discovered this pint at the grocery store was a little miracle. It's a small treat you give to yourself every single day.

14. One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream: You're ...Timeless

If you love one-ingredient ice cream that is made out of frozen bananas, that means you're basically a wizard. You know your way around the kitchen, you know how to trick people into eating their vegetables, and you probably eat pretty healthy to begin with. You, my friend, are timeless.

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