Tell Us: Where Do You Eat Dinner?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our post in defense of eating in front of the TV stirred up quite a bit of controversy! It got us curious about our various eating habits: where do you sit down (or stand up!) to eat your dinner?

Most nights my sweetie and I actually do sit down to eat at the dining room table. It’s not usually a formal thing. We’ll be in the middle of a conversation when dinner is ready, so we just fill our plates from the pan and continue on talking in the dining room. Back when we were in an apartment with a kitchen island, we’d often get so absorbed that we’d never make it to the dining room and eat standing up!

But there are just as many nights when we’re not feeling talkative. Those times, we still usually sit down at the dining room table, but it’s usually with books in front of us. And yes, there are a fair number of meals eaten at the computer while checking e-mail and catching up on news!

What are your mealtime habits?

(Image: Flickr member austinevan licensed under Creative Commons)