Tell Us: What Neighborhood Farmers’ Markets Have Opened in Your City?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most of us know the biggies in our cities. In New York, we’ve got Union Square and Grand Army Plaza that are open year-round and have dozens of vendors. But there are lesser-known markets that pop up for a few months in summer, and sometimes we don’t know there’s one right around the corner until we stumble upon it. Let’s make a list…

The market pictured above is at Rockefeller Center, smack dab in the middle of midtown office buildings. It’s open in July, August, and October.

We’ve also mentioned the 96th Street market, which is open year-round but really flourishes from now until Fall.

More that we know of:
• 106th and Central Park West (hasn’t shown up yet this season)
• Near Columbia University, on Broadway
• Lincoln Center

Can you tell what neighborhood we live in? West side, uptown, obviously. There are a few websites that list local greenmarkets, such as…

…but some markets are better than others, and we’re curious which off-the-beaten path ones you particularly love and want to share with your neighbors.

Not just New Yorkers, here! Weigh in with any city. Tell us what’s up and running so far this summer.


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