Tell Us: What Fall Beers Do You Love?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s that time of year when we start seeing pumpkin beers or “harvest” brews lining the shelves. It’s also Oktoberfest time in Germany, which prompts Americans to throw beer tastings and put down their summer mojitos in favor of stouts and ales.

We love beer year round, but we’re looking forward to some of the spicy seasonal brews that are sold in September, October, and November. What about you? Let us know what fall beers you’re looking forward to…

We love Blue Moon beers, so we’re on the lookout for their Pumpkin Ale, above.

In addition to pumpkin, a lot of fall beers have sweet, Thanksgiving-ish flavors like cinnamon or clove in them. We recently saw a recipe for a pumpkin beer ice cream float with crumbled gingersnaps on top—and we’re big fans of beer ice cream floats around here.

So, give us some new beers to taste. Which fall beers are your favorites?

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