Tell Us: What Do You Do While You Wait?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even for the quickest meals, nothing ever times up perfectly. There are always little bits of down time here and there while we wait for water to boil or onions to soften or some meat to thaw. What do you do during these moments?

If we’re being virtuous, we clean up the kitchen during the down time. Five minutes of dish-washing while the sauce cooks a little longer means five less minutes of clean-up on the other end!

If we’re feeling more lazy, we often end up reading – our next most favorite past time after cooking. We’ll read the other articles in the magazine we’re cooking from or flip through cookbooks. If we’re in the middle of an especially good novel, we might even bring it into the kitchen to read a few paragraphs in between chopping and simmering!

What do you do while you wait between cooking tasks?

(Image: Flickr member sndrspk licensed under Creative Commons)