Tell Us: Is There an Herb You Can't Stand?

Tell Us: Is There an Herb You Can't Stand?

We recently made a simple vegetable dish that called for a healthy amount of tarragon. The tarragon was fresh and tender and beautiful — and completely overwhelming.

It made us think that, hmm, maybe we just don't love tarragon. What about you? Tell us below...

Tarragon has a distinct, anise-like flavor that just tasted off to us. Maybe it was the dish, or maybe we've found an herb we can't take when it's used liberally.

We have a family member who hates cilantro, and we know several people who turn their noses up at dill. Plenty of cooks who love food and love experimenting with flavors still have a roadblock, an herb they just won't use.

Does this sound familiar? What herb or herbs do you avoid? What is only good in small doses?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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