Tell Us: Have You Ever Had a Dish that Changed the Way You Thought?

Tell Us: Have You Ever Had a Dish that Changed the Way You Thought?

Emma Christensen
Mar 23, 2009

We think that most food dislikes come from never having had that food prepared very well. Tasting things like collard greens that haven't been cooked to death or even homemade pasta after a lifetime of the boxed variety can be a revelation to someone who's never had them that way before. Ever had an experience like this?

Growing up, I assumed that I didn't like seafood. I'd tried it a few times and just decided it wasn't my thing. Fast forward to my twenties and a dinner of seared scallops prepared by my boyfriend's mother. I tried one to be polite and...well, you can guess what happened!

Since then, I've tried all sorts of seafood prepared in all sorts of ways. Some has been good and some has been bad, but overall, I'm a complete seafood convert.

I've had similar foodie revelations the first time I tried strawberries from the farmer's market, steak seared medium-rare, and roasted brussels sprouts. All it took was one taste of the real thing to completely change my mind about a food I was ambivalent about before or even disliked.

What experiences have changed the way you thought about food?

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