Tell Them How You Really Feel with These Conversation Heart Cookies

(Image credit: I Am a Food Blog)

Remember the days of giving out Valentine’s Day treats in grade school? Conversation heart candies, with their cute one-liners, were always a hit.

If you’re looking for an updated spin on these nostalgic treats, I’ve got just the thing for you: conversation heart sugar cookies, complete with all the slang the kids are saying these days.

These are Sweethearts for the modern age: big heart-shaped sugar cookies, iced with royal icing in various shades of blue, and finished with adorable witticisms like “BUTTER HALF” and “LET’S GET CEREAL.”

Pass them out to friends, lovers, or your secret crush — regardless of who is on the receiving end, these cookies are sure to be a sweet success this Valentine’s Day.

Get the Recipe: Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies from I Am a Food Blog