The Brilliant $13 Find That Instantly Lit Up the Darkest Corner of My Kitchen (No Drill Necessary!)

published May 2, 2024
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Espresso Coffee Maker and Accessories Knolling on White Colored Pegboard Background.
Credit: MirageC/Getty Images

When I finally decided to take the plunge and create a coffee and tea station in my kitchen, I knew the perfect place to do it. We have a deep-set cup cabinet with plenty of counter space below it that wasn’t being utilized to its full potential. The first step was making sure the Keurig fit in the space, and once that was all clear, I was shopping on Amazon for the rest of the accessories I’d need for an efficient space. I bought a K-Cup drawer, tea organizer, honey jar, and sugar dispenser — and it really looked nice when it was all put together! However, the one thing I didn’t consider was how dark it was under the hanging cabinet. I had to use my phone’s flashlight just to read the labels on the packs of tea. Desperate to swiftly remedy the problem, I headed back to Amazon to look for stick-on lights.

It actually didn’t take long to find exactly what I was searching for. I wanted something small and discreet, but powerful, and Amazon shoppers led me right to it. With over 500 purchased in the past month, I came across the TECOMLIGHT Stick-On LED Puck Lights, and after reading a few reviews, I immediately pressed “Add to Cart.”

What Are the TECOMLIGHT Stick-On LED Puck Lights?

Available as a two-pack or a six-pack, the TECOMLIGHT LED Puck Lights are an adhesive lighting solution that can be used anywhere you can stick them, such as the kitchen, closets, cabinets, and more. Batteries aren’t included, but they do come with round 3M pads for an installation that takes a minute or less. They can also be mounted with screws if you’re looking for something more permanent. Once you’ve stuck one somewhere, simply twist off the light cover to put in the three AA batteries it needs to shine. The lights come in black or white, and have a remote to control them from near or far. There’s even a tap control option that allows you to press the light directly to choose the mode.

The LED lights have six auto-settings for warm white, cool white, natural white, red, green, and blue lights. You can also choose to cycle through an expanded range of hues that include purple, pink, teal, yellow, and more. The light intensity can be adjusted from 100% to 30% or 60%, and there’s a timer that can be set to half an hour, one hour, three hours, and six hours. If a specific time isn’t selected, the lights shut off automatically after two hours.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the TECOMLIGHT Stick-On LED Puck Lights

Between my cousin using them for her desk with a hutch and a Twitch streamer I love integrating them with a cube shelf, I can’t believe I didn’t think to get the LED puck lights long before now. They were delivered quickly and while I ordered the two-pack, I realized I didn’t need both in the same area. A single light was enough to illuminate the coffee/tea station so that tea packets could be easily read on the carousel organizer, which was the biggest issue. I haven’t decided what to do with the second light just yet, but it’s likely going in my home office. 

What I love about the TECOMLIGHT LED Puck Lights is how easy they are to install and use, how customizable the lights are, and how convenient it is to control them remotely. The two-hour auto-timer is also a great feature because I’ve lost count of the number of times the light has been left on long after someone has finished making their drink. I also like that I don’t have to turn on the big light in the kitchen if I want to grab something quickly from the refrigerator because the puck light is bright enough to see where I’m going. Not that I can’t find my way through the kitchen in the dark, but my dogs love to follow me everywhere and it’s better to see them than trip over them.

I’m usually skeptical about battery-operated products because of how much money goes into buying batteries over time. However, I’ve been using the puck lights for three months now and haven’t had to replace the batteries yet. Time will tell how long they last, but for now, I’m definitely saving money. All in all, this compact adhesive light was the finishing touch my coffee/tea station needed to make it my favorite spot in the kitchen.

Buy: TECOMLIGHT Stick-On LED Puck Lights, 2-Pack, $12.99