Tea Strainer and Garlic Grater: 2 Good Things From MUJI

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We recently visited MUJI in New York, and we’re really enjoying two of the things we brought back for our kitchen.

MUJI is the Japaneese “no logo” company; they make very simple and low-profile items for the home. We like their sleek, understated aesthetic and low prices.

The first thing we bought is this garlic grater. The sharp teeth shred garlic right to pieces, and it’s great for ginger and other juicy but hard aromatics as well.

The tea strainer was a little more uncertain; we couldn’t quite picture how it would be used. Would there be enough room for the tea to steep in our cup?

Turns out that it works perfectly. The tea we’re steeping here is a gorgeous dried ginger and pomegranate berry tea with a strong ginger kick and robust sweetness and aroma from the fruit. The tea strainer sat deep in our cup and let the water swirl around the tea – very important for proper steaping. Then we lifted the whole soggy mass out of the cup; the strainer brought it all out very nicely. We love this inexpensive little strainer!

You can find similar items in Asian groceries, and these items are both available in the SoHo MUHI location.

We also bought a magnetic kitchen timer that is elegant and very useful in its simplicity; that was a little more expensive but totally worth it. It’s the best timer we’ve ever had.

Do you use any kitchen objects from MUJI?

(Images: Flickr member licensed for use under Creative Commons)