I See Your Hot Chocolate Bombs, and Raise You These Beautiful Sugar Globe Tea Bombs

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Credit: mapodile/Getty Images

Two months ago, we told you about how we couldn’t stop watching these magical hot chocolate bombs, but — like so many trends — it’s now evolved into something even more entrancing, delightful, and apt for the occasion. Hot chocolate bombs, with their winter wonderland decoration and rich chocolate feeling of celebration, were the perfect thing for the holiday season. But that’s passed now. Things are still cold, but in a quiet, contemplative way, and the latest evolution of the drink bomb trend has just the thing to fit that mood, reports Today: tea bombs.

The optimistic blooming of a floral, relaxing tea seems like almost too on-the-nose of a metaphor for so much today, including the rise of hope in vaccines for COVID-19 and the gradual lengthening of daylight in the northern hemisphere. The new tea bombs take the same idea as the hot chocolate predecessors — an outer shell that melts away when it hits the hot liquid.

Replacing the outer, hard chocolate shell for the tea bombs is a thin sugar sphere, giving an icy, translucent look — sometimes with added color or design — and a peek at what it holds within. What’s inside varies, from the fanciest versions holding blooming tea flowers, to others holding a curated mix of loose-leaf teas and dried edible flowers. But it doesn’t even need to be that fancy: Plenty of people just make them using tea bags. The sugar (sometimes with honey) and tea itself are taken care of in the base of the bomb, but you can also add other fixings, like spices or dried citrus to really personalize it.

Like the hot chocolate bombs, you do need to have a few small molds to be able to make them yourself, but once you do, TikTok has plenty of videos teaching you how to do so. And if you don’t want to make them yourself, you can pre-order them from a new company called Tea Globes. It looks like a single globe will cost $5 and a six-pack will be $25.