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The “Indulgent” $4 Salad Kit You Should Always Have in Your Fridge

published Feb 12, 2024
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Taylor brands Bagged assorted organic salads kits for sale in a supermarket aisle
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If there’s a Caesar salad on a restaurant menu, I’m ordering it. Give me all the croutons, anchovies, and the more garlic-loaded the dressing, the better. I love the simplicity of this classic salad and I love the saltiness. A great Caesar is the picture of balance: crisp romaine under a snowy pile of Parmesan and silky dressing is my kind of salad. I’d even call it indulgent.

I also love making a Caesar if I’m entertaining. Sturdy romaine won’t disintegrate into mush if we linger over dinner, and who doesn’t love homemade croutons?! I’ve been using a recipe for Caesar dressing published in Cook’s Illustrated for years. This dressing isn’t too creamy or gummy and is packed with umami from fish sauce and Worcestershire. Though, I must admit, sometimes I just don’t feel like separating an egg and procuring five bottles of condiments. 

When the need for Caesar strikes and I’m not about to whip up my own dressing, I always turn to the ever-trusty Taylor Farms Ultimate Caesar Salad Kit

Credit: Lizzy Briskin

What’s So Great About Taylor Farms Ultimate Caesar Salad Kit?

This salad-in-a-bag is a nearly perfect lunch. The chopped lettuce is always crunchy and fresh. The croutons are well-sized (I can’t stand a barely-there crumb of a crouton) and seasoned with cheese and garlic, and the shaved Parmesan is ample. 

I’m not a fan of many gloppy store-bought salad dressings, so I was suspicious of the packet that comes in this kit. Once I squeezed it on top of the lettuce and gave everything a thorough toss, I was pleasantly surprised. 

The Taylor Farms dressing is made with many of the same ingredients that America’s Test Kitchen uses, including Worcestershire, Parmesan, egg yolks, anchovy, garlic, and lemon juice. It’s nicely balanced between rich and acidic and has a deep umami flavor that’s the true signature of a great Caesar. 

Credit: Lizzy Briskin

What’s the Best Way to Serve the Ultimate Caesar Salad Kit?

You don’t need to do much to make this bag into a full meal. You can just toss it all together and dig in (I consider each bag to be a single serving, but I recently learned that it’s supposed to feed three people). 

If you want to add protein to your dish, try tossing on crunchy chickpeas (I love Saffron Road Sea Salt), tinned fish (especially Safe Catch’s Elite Wild Tuna pouches), or any leftovers you might have. Rotisserie or roasted chicken is always delish. You could also make this Caesar portable by rolling it into a large flour tortilla (like the winner from this taste test). 

Buy: Taylor Farms Ultimate Caesar Salad Kit, $3.69 for 11.4 ounces at Kroger

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