These Gorgeous Easter Eggs Have a Surprising Secret

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

These eggs will have people reveling in your artistic abilities. “However did you paint something so beautifully intricate?” friends and family members may ask. You don’t even have to tell them the truth, if you don’t want. Your secret is safe with us. The secret, of course, being that you didn’t paint anything — you just used temporary tattoos.

(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

Start with clean and dry hard-boiled eggs, white or brown, and your favorite temporary tattoo. We love temporary tattoo company Tattly.

Buy Some Tattoos

Next, plan out where you want to place your temporary tattoos. Maybe you just want one on each egg? Maybe you want to do a collage-like effect? If needed, cut down your tattoos into smaller pieces.

Note: The larger the tattoo, the harder it is to apply because of the shape of the egg.

Peel off the plastic cover and place the tattoo on the egg. (Once you put the tattoo down, we don’t recommend taking it off or readjusting it, because the tattoo will stick. So place with caution!)

Using a damp sponge, cover the tattoo, and dampen completely, following the tattoo’s application instructions. Then, gently peel off the paper backing. If any part of the tattoo isn’t sitting quite flat enough on the egg, just dab lightly with the sponge to flatten it. Repeat until you’re satisfied with the design.

Let the tattoos dry completely on the eggs — at least 30 minutes — before handling them or placing them in a basket.

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