We Compared Prices for 10 Cleaning Products at Aldi Versus Target — And One Was *Way* Cheaper

published Jul 15, 2023
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Vertical diptych with Target sign on top and Aldi storefront on bottom.
Credit: Top to bottom: Sean Wandzilak/Shutterstock; Carina Romano

Both Aldi and Target are fan favorites amongst shoppers, offering affordable prices on groceries, home goods, seasonal items, and more. And they’re both great for inexpensive, effective cleaning products — especially compared to other large retailers. From laundry detergent and dishwasher pods to sponges and multi-purpose cleaner, both stores offer cleaning products and tools to fit your budget and get everything you need to keep your home sparkling.

Believe it or not, they actually both have many of the exact same name-brand items in addition to their own store brands. But which store has better prices on said products? I went to both Aldi and Target and compared 10 cleaning products to uncover the answer — which was actually quite surprising. While these prices reflect the stores in my region and the items may cost more or less where you live, the price differences are likely similar everywhere. 

1. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, 3.5 pounds

This impressive and versatile, as the name suggests, stain remover is useful on a variety of surfaces, like laundry, tile, grout, and even patio furniture. This exact size is much cheaper at Aldi than Target; however, it might be easier to find this product at Target, depending on how busy your local Aldi gets.

  • WINNER! Aldi, $9.28
  • Target, $12.39

2. Dawn Ultra Dish Soap, 28 fluid ounces

From its original formula to the Powerwash version, Dawn is one of the most reliable and popular dish soaps. Aldi’s price beats Target’s by just a few cents.

3. Wet Mop Floor Wipes

If you have a Swiffer mop, or something similar, you know that the cost of the wet cloth refills certainly adds up. While Aldi’s is half the count compared to Target’s, it’s less than half the price (although Aldi does not carry Swiffer brand wet cloths) — so you could get two sets for less than what the same number of wipes would cost at Target.

  • WINNER! Aldi, Radiance 12-count Wet Mopping Cloths, $3.99
  • Target, Swiffer 24-count Wet Cloths, $10.79

4. Fabuloso Multi-purpose Cleaner, 56 fluid ounces

If, like me, Fabuloso is your preferred multi-surface cleaner (I love the nostalgic lavender scent), then you might gravitate towards Aldi’s slightly more affordable price. Target, however, provides a few more scent options.

5. Dishwasher Detergent

Going through a bottle of dishwasher detergent may be a common occurrence for you if you run your dishwasher every day (or even a couple of times per day). Aldi offers a slightly more competitive price for their generic brand’s dishwashing gel. 

  • WINNER! Aldi, Radiance 75 oz Automatic Dishwashing Gel, $4.65
  • Target, Cascade Complete 75 oz Dishwasher Detergent Gel, $6.79

6. Non-Scratch Sponges

These handy non-scratch scrubbing sponge packs are less than half the price at Aldi than they are at Target. Unlike Aldi, Target offers two other count sizes.

  • WINNER! Aldi, Radiance 3-pack Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges, $1.59
  • Target, Scotch-Brite 3-pack Zero-Scratch Scrub Sponges, $3.59

7. Disinfectant Wipes

For quick and hygienic cleaning, disinfectant wipes are both useful and effective. Target’s generic label up & up is just a bit more expensive than Aldi’s generic label when it comes to disinfectant wipes.

  • WINNER! Aldi, Radiance 75-count Disinfectant Wipes, $2.99
  • Target, up & up 75-count Disinfecting Wipes, $3.79

8. Dishwasher Pods

If you prefer dishwasher pods to dishwasher detergent, you might like the Aldi Radiance pods, which are a fraction of the price of its name-brand counterpart available at Target, Cascade. The Aldi option also offers one more pod than Cascade’s. (P.S.: Did you know dishwasher tablets had all these uses?)

  • WINNER! Aldi, Radiance 18-count Ultra Dishwasher Triple Chamber Pacs, $3.89
  • Target, Cascade Platinum Plus 17-count Action Pacs, $10.49

9. Paper Towels

Aldi’s generic label, Ultra, is over 20% cheaper than Target brand’s Make-A-Size set of six paper towel rolls, and nearly 60% cheaper than the same size of Bounty paper towels at Target

  • WINNER! Aldi, Boulder Ultra 6-Rolls Paper Towels, $7.49
  • Target, Make-A-Size 6-Double Rolls Paper Towels, $9.49

10. Tide Laundry Detergent, 92 fluid ounces

Whether you do laundry daily or weekly, it can definitely feel like a high expense every time you go to buy it. Aldi’s price is only a few cents cheaper than Target’s, so it may only be worth it for those who regularly shop at Aldi.

The Results

While Target has a vastly wider selection of cleaning products, both in brand variety and product type, Aldi promises more affordable prices on nearly every type of cleaning product. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that most of Aldi’s selection is limited to a handful of their generic labels. If brand names matter most to you when selecting your cleaning products of choice, you may have to spend a few extra dollars.