Customers Are Just Discovering Target’s “Excessive” Not-So-Hidden Shipping Fees, and Everyone Is Frenzied

published Apr 10, 2023
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As a budget-conscious shopper, I love nothing more than finding a great deal. Target has been my go-to store for many years because you can always find pretty fair pricing, and it’s so easy to shop online. As I recently discovered, however, the convenience of having my online orders shipped directly to my door could come with hidden fees that can quickly add up.

While Target’s free shipping policy for orders over $35 may seem like a great deal, there are times when shoppers may still have to pay up to $200 for shipping. As someone who often shops online for heavy items, I’ve learned that the standard shipping fee of $5.99 for orders under $35 can quickly escalate if you need your items shipped quickly.

For instance, if you opt for express shipping, you’ll have to pay extra fees based on the weight of the items you’re ordering. For items weighing less than 4 pounds, shoppers can expect to pay $10, while those weighing in between 4 and 9 pounds are priced at $20. Prices continue to increase for items that weigh under 99 pounds; for those that weigh over 99 pounds, the express shipping fee comes out to $120.

But that’s not all. Although to-the-door delivery is at no cost, Target charges additional fees for delivering bulky items to certain parts of your home. Inside-the-door delivery costs an extra $15, but this fee increases significantly depending on weight. And the price for having a bulky item delivered to the room of your choice? That starts at $40 for items weighing up to 225 pounds and can be as much as $200 for items weighing more than 1,000 pounds.

These aren’t the only charges that customers are feeling a bit slighted by. Recently Target joined Walmart in charging customers for bags. The charges are applied to the order initially and then reduced once the actual number of bags used is determined during pickup.

These hidden fees can add up, and as a budget-conscious shopper, I always make sure to double-check the shipping costs and fees before making a purchase. It’s worth taking a few extra minutes to ensure that unexpected fees do not outweigh the savings you get from Target’s great deals. Get the full breakdown of Target’s shipping costs here.