Target Is Launching Its Own Line of Dog Food — And My Picky Pup Approves

published Aug 11, 2021
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Target kindfull pet food

It somehow never occurred to me that some pets could be picky eaters. I grew up with dogs and if there was food on the floor (or on a low-enough counter), it was going to be wolfed (woofed?) down in a single gobble. I just thought that’s how dogs ate. Maybe that’s how most dogs eat, but that’s not how Millie eats. Millie is my four-year-old rescue mutt who is afraid of most things — including dog bowls — and is a very picky eater.

Getting her to drink water is tough (we have to “activate” the bowl by presenting it to her!) and her dry kibble is left on a silicone mat until she’s ready to have it. Sometimes that can take all day. The wet stuff, she’ll eat relatively quickly … as long as I sit on the floor with her and hold the plate. Feeding her is a process. (And we have met with a few vets who have ruled out any dental or medical issues. She’s totally healthy. Just a weirdo!)

Credit: Target

Why am I telling you so much about Millie and her strange eating habits? Because I want you to truly understand her ringing endorsement of Target’s new line of pet food.

On August 15, Target will launch its brand-new line of pet food, Kindfull, which will feature all sorts of wet and dry food, treats, and dry toppers for cats and dogs. The offerings start at just 89 cents, and more than half of the collection is less than $10. And they were all made with our pets’ needs in mind: Target’s in-house team worked with pet food and nutrition experts for more than a year to develop the new brand. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; by-product meals; or wheat, corn, or soy across the brand. The ingredient lists are incredibly short (fish caught in line with sustainable practices! Beef from pasture-raised cows!) and the AAFCO-compliant food is made in the United States.

Credit: Target

“Kindfull highlights Target’s continued commitment to providing our guests with an incredible cross-category portfolio of owned brand options to choose from alongside their favorite national brands,” says Jill Sando, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target. “With Kindfull, our newest owned brand offers guests pet food for their furry family members that showcases our commitment to quality, value and thoughtfully selected ingredients.”

Millie was lucky enough to get her paws on some samples earlier this week for a sneak peek (sneak taste?) and I couldn’t believe how quickly she ate this stuff up.

She actually pushed her nose into this box before I could even pull out some treats. (Good training, I know.) She seemed to love everything she tried, but her favorites include the Chicken Jerky Recipe ($9.99), the Biscuits with Oats & Real Peanut Butter ($3.99), and the Beef, Cranberry & Ginger Meal Topper ($3.29). She actually liked the meal toppers so much, a little sprinkle on top of some dry kibble got her to eat up a serving that had been sitting out, untouched, for hours. Note: She’s had meal toppers before, but she can usually pick them out from the kibble. Kindfull meal toppers have much smaller pieces and more of a powder consistency, which tricked her into eating everything on a plate (without me having to hold it!).

Millie’s final thoughts? Pawsitively yummy! Again, Kindfull launches on August 15 in stores and on I know Millie — er, I — will be stocking up.

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