You’re Going to Be Obsessed with Target’s New Holiday Drink

(Image credit: Sean Wandzilak)shutterstock

Like me, I’m sure many people have fond memories of making sugar cookies with family during the holiday season. The soft, warm cookies would come out of the oven fresh and you’d have to wait in agony while they cooled off on the stove. Now Target, a store that is already packed full of irresistible treasures, is making sugar cookie nostalgia in milk form. It’s only $2.49 for a quart and it’s available right now.

Just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Target is now stocking sugar cookie milk — and yes, the name says it all. Put a glass of that out for Santa and you might just be in store for extra presents this year. Sugar cookie milk is just one among many holiday-flavored beverage creations that Target is offering this year: Other options include chocolate mint milk, maple pecan milk, and — brace yourself — pumpkin spice eggnog.

Reader beware: You might walk into Target for paper towels and walk out with more milk than can fit in your fridge.

Target’s efforts to get people to drink the holidays is admirable, but what can you pair with these sweet, milk-based beverages? Take the maple pecan milk. Sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a slice of pecan or sweet potato pie after Thanksgiving dinner. The pumpkin spice eggnog is the perfect addition to your coffee (especially when you can’t make it to Starbucks) on cold-weather days. I’m also picturing a spiked pumpkin spice eggnog (eggnog goes great with bourbon) that you can serve at your adults-only Christmas party.

Hopefully by now you’ve started your Christmas list (for yourself, and others), so I doubt much could keep you away from Target. In fact, I’m sure you’re looking for just about any excuse to stop by. Well here is today’s excuse: You need to stock up on this holiday milk so that every meal is made even more festive. This time of year, even breakfast will taste better alongside a glass of sugar cookie milk.