Target Just Added a “Must-Have” $1 Kitchen Gem, and People Are Buying Five at a Time

published Jan 24, 2024
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One of the best parts about going to Target (and worst parts for our wallet), is undoubtedly discovering products we didn’t know we needed. However, with Target’s Bullseye Playground, formerly known as the Target Dollar Spot, the finds won’t break the bank too much, as everything lining the shelves of this section is $5 or less.

Recently, Instagram account @targetholler discovered some truly adorable compressed sponges for just $1 a piece. Resembling a sticker, the sponges come flat in a plastic case in pastel-colored designs like strawberries, lemons, rainbows, and flowers. If you’re ready to leave winter in the past, these may be the perfect catalyst into spring decor.

When you’re ready to use the sponge, just remove the plastic and run it under water. It will absorb the liquid, causing the sponge to expand and making it ready for use. Plus, the sponges are entirely plant-based and the compression aspect provides a space-saving way to store cleaning supplies.

Commenters on the Instagram post were excited about the find and some even admitted to spotting them in their own local Targets, but overlooking them after thinking they were a different product entirely. “Oh that’s cool! I overlooked those and thought they were stickers! Good find,” wrote one user.

“I thought it was an air freshener for the car,” wrote another. One user did mention that the design fades quickly after a few washes, but the practicality element still remains. The original poster even recommended using these as a paw pamperer for dogs after walks.

If you happen to see these, you may want to grab a handful. Plus, if you’re looking for a way to give your kitchen a refresh in the new year, this may be just the finishing touch you need.