This Is the Most Overlooked, Yet Most Useful, Aisle in Target

updated May 1, 2019
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I spend way too much time and money at Target. I don’t want to talk about how it feeds my unhealthy obsession with Key Lime LÄRABAR (I swear they go on sale every other week, just to tempt me), or mention all the other non-essentials I wind up buying before I leave.

While wandering through the store the other day, I realized there’s one section that I always forget about, but it’s chock-full of handy, everyday items that are actually useful.

This just might make your life easier.

Every Target has a “home improvement” section, which has a bunch of things you can really use, but don’t necessarily think of when you think of Target. While you’re browsing the newest Chip and Joanna Gaines collection, a bunch of items are just sitting quietly over in aisle C35 (in my store anyway), waiting for you to notice them. The best part? No need to make an additional stop at the hardware store.

Here’s a sampling.

(Image credit: Target)

These little guys are the key to more bedroom storage. I used to try to cram storage bins filled with off-season clothing underneath my bed, to no avail. It’s amazing what a couple of extra inches of height will do, and you won’t even notice the difference when you get into bed each night.

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My dog, Grim’s, favorite activity is to use my entryway rug as a personal slip-and-slide. I spend 30 seconds straightening that rug about 30 times a day. These might just be the answer.

(Image credit: Target)

We talk about Command adhesive strips all the time, but there’s also these guys for heavier jobs: Scotch Extreme Fasteners. Cut what you need from the roll, and use them to hang up to 10 pounds of anything.

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4. Duck Brand Adhesive Remover, $4 for 5.45 ounces

If I had to choose to spend my time either strapped to a medieval torture device or remove adhesive stickers or price tags from hard surfaces, I would choose the former. I like how this liquid remover has a scraper built into the packaging to make the job easier.

(Image credit: Amazon)

This all-purpose stuff belongs in every household, but especially if you’re in earthquake zones, or live with cats. Sure, you can hang up posters with it, but the real value is securing things on shelves so they don’t go tumbling off — whether it’s due to a natural disaster, or mischievous feline paws.

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Do you shop this aisle at Target? What other handy items have you found there?