Take Two! Best Meals to Make with Leftovers

Take Two! Best Meals to Make with Leftovers

Emma Christensen
Apr 23, 2010

What do you do with that little bit of chicken left from dinner last night? Or the pasta you made on Monday? You could combine them together, of course. Or you could add just one or two more ingredients, and you've got yourself a completely new meal!

It seems like almost every world cuisine has their own personal dish to make with leftovers. They're more often techniques than actual recipes, so we always feel free to add our own interpretation depending on what leftovers we're working with.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Frittatas - A few eggs and a handful of cheese transforms almost any leftover into something we can't wait to eat. We especially love making frittatas with leftover pasta. If we don't have enough veggies, we'll add a few potatoes or an extra onion.

Quesadillas - Flour tortillas last for weeks in the cupboard, so they're an easy staple to keep on hand. Quesadillas are an especially good choice if you only have a little bit of leftover vegetable or a few ounces of cooked meat that you can chop into small pieces.

Fried Rice - You can make fried rice with just about any leftover grain you might have. This is another good dish to make if you only have a little leftover meat. A scrambled egg and a scoop of frozen peas and corn helps round everything out.

Pasta Casserole - This is our kitchen sink recipe! It's great not only to use up leftovers but also all those little odds and ends left around - a quarter cup of walnuts, different half-used bags of pasta, a nub of cheese. You can really have a lot of fun with this one!

Big Salads - Salads are another good place to sneak in a few leftovers. To one of our recent salads, we added some potatoes left from roasting a chicken and spoonful of navy beans that didn't make it into a casserole.

What other meals do you make using leftovers?

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