Take This Personality Quiz to See If Open Shelving Is Right for You

updated May 30, 2019
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Are you OSP (Open Shelving Positive)? Or is it best you leave those cabinet doors on and closed to create your ideal kitchen space? Take this quick, five-question personality quiz to find out.

1. Yes or No: Do you wash your dinner dishes right away?

If the sight of a few messy dishes piled up in the sink is enough to make you go running for your dish gloves, you will do very well with open shelving. If you feel okay letting them sit there for a day or three, we should talk about getting you bonus doors on your cabinets to hide as much mess as possible.

2. Yes or No: Do you have an obvious favorite color?

Do people see yellow things and automatically think of you? Is everything in your closet white or neutral? Is rainbow your favorite color? No matter what the color scheme (or schemes) may be, if you’ve got a go-to color palette, putting those matching dishes on display will look nice and pretty.

3. Yes or No: Do you enjoy setting the table?

Organizing, styling, and paying attention to details on a daily basis can be relaxing, easy, or even fun for some types of personalities, while others liken the practice to torture! If setting a table is a treat for you, then you’ll enjoy arranging (and rearranging) your open shelving.

4. Yes or No: Would you consider yourself a minimalist?

Is the M-word a bad word in your book? Do you believe that more is more? You might not be able to pull off open shelving, but if you embrace minimalism and find that your serving pieces work just fine for everyday dinners and special occasions, then open shelving could work for you. When people start to get in trouble is when they have too much stuff and not enough hidden-away places to store the overflow.

5. Yes or No: Do you organize your shoes?

This is a simple test, and a telling one! Are you the type who lines your shoes up in a row? Maybe by heel height, or color, or brand? If so, open shelving might be calling!

Answer Key: Is Open Shelving Right for You?

If you answered yes to three or more of the questions on this list, go ahead and pull off those cabinet doors! Or better yet, take those old cabinets down entirely and put up some super-pretty bracketed shelves. You can totally handle it!