Take a Break with Adam Gopnik’s Rare Romance, Well-Done Marriage Podcast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Adam Gopnik is, apparently, a controversial writer. Some people seem to love to hate him and he regularly receives negative responses to his books and his pieces for New Yorker magazine. Others, like me, find his storytelling and food-focused narratives very enjoyable. This is especially true in a recently released podcast from The Moth in which Mr. Gopnik relates a very personal tale of love, marriage, and fighting about food.

Rare Romance, Well-Done Marriage, is a funny, entertaining, and touching look at how to navigate the sometimes perilous and sometimes illuminating path of marriage. A mouth-taste can quickly become a moral-taste, Gopnik states, and from there a tug-of-war over how rare to cook the family’s animal protein is launched.

Mr. Gopnik is also known for his books about food, eating and culture, namely Paris to the Moon and the recently released The Table Comes First: Family, France and the Meaning of Food.

The Moth podcasts are a little hard to pin down (how moth-like!) so the best way to listen to this piece is to either download it from itunes or google it. At 15 minutes it’s a perfect coffee break experience.

(Image: New Yorker)