The Brand Behind My Favorite Pistachio Milk Just Dropped a Delicious Spread That I Love Just as Much as Nutella

published Dec 14, 2023
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tache pot de pistache
Credit: Táche

In a world of plant-based milks, you’ve got more options than ever to choose from. Oat, almond, coconut — and more recently, pistachio. Yes, really! Táche, the female-founded brand that made pistachio milk a thing has quickly become a pantry staple for me. I love that its frothing abilities are a cut above most other milks (a must for at-home lattes) and it doesn’t make my stomach ache like some other plant-based milk alternatives. Fun fact: Antoni from Queer Eye is also a fan. He even used Táche in a smoothie recipe featured in season eight of the show! So, when you’ve got someone like Antoni’s stamp of approval, you know this stuff is good.

And just in time for the holidays, the brand recently launched into a brand-new category — spreads! Meet your new go-to spread for the holiday season (and beyond): Pot de PisTÁCHE. This decadent spread features only two ingredients, pistachio and dark chocolate, which proves that sometimes the more simple, the better. Unlike many other spreads, this version comes sans palm oils and sugars (but it doesn’t sacrifice flavor or texture).

What is Pot de PisTÁCHE?

Pot de PisTÁCHE is about to become your new favorite spread at home. It’s a two-ingredient spread that’s creamy and rich (but not too overwhelmingly sweet). I’ve drizzled this tasty spread on top of warm apples for a wintery dessert that fuels me before a workout. It’s also perfect to put on top of a yogurt bowl or on toast — the limit doesn’t exist! Pro tip: Heat up the spread before dolloping onto your treat of choice, as it’s super thick inside the jar. However, if you decide to eat it straight out of the jar like me sometimes, that’s totally encouraged (and will definitely happen).

Credit: Tamara Kraus

Why I Love Pot de PisTÁCHE

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, but want to find something that’s not super sugary, Pot de PisTÂCHE is the perfect way to do just that — without sacrificing flavor. Also, while spreads like Nutella will always have my heart, it’s sometimes just a bit too rich for my taste. I take a bite and I’m tapped out. But with this more subtle, less sweet spread, I can have my pistachio spread (and eat it too)!

And if you’ve never tried Táche’s milks before, I recommend adding some of these barista-worthy milks to your cart along with this new pantry staple. You might even want to try mixing some Pot de PisTÁCHE into the milk for an upgraded chocolate-milk situation! Another reason I love the brand’s milk? It’s shelf stable up to 12 months, so I like to keep a few on hand so I never run out when I need it most.