Four Examples of Tablecloth Weights

When setting up an outdoor table, one detail we often encounter is ensuring that the tablecloth doesn’t whip around in the wind. Earlier in the week, we took a look at the fitted tablecloth as one possible solution. Here are four examples of one other idea, the tablecloth weight:

1 From Martha Stewart, this is a homemade corner tassel crafted from fishing weights and raffia.
2 One more weight made up of a small, hanging flower arrangement clipped to the tablecloth.
3 Knotted weights in a nautical style, much like this doorstop.
4 If you use a long, relatively heavy burlap tablecloth for outdoor dining, it’s less likely to go anywhere than a light cotton one.

(Images: KATE SEARS/Martha Stewart, Country Living, Katie Brown, Keith Scott Morton/Country Living)