Table Setting Tip: Replace Cut Flower Arrangements with Potted Plants

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cut flowers are perhaps the most common decoration for the dinner table. But cut flowers can be expensive — and tall arrangements can even obstruct your guests’ view of one another! This party table from Martha Stewart provides a great reminder that fresh-cut stems aren’t always the only way to go!

This table from Martha’s recent dinner party is decked out with tall candles and oversized hurricane chimneys (which — ahem — are rather more obstructive than a tall flower arrangement, but whatever!). Next to them sit small potted plants. These beautiful begonias are a great addition to the table and can live on in your house when the party is over.

Instead of spending $20+ per bouquet, try potting plants up instead. Just keep in mind where they’ll go in your house when dinner is through, or even send them home with guests as party favors.

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