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This $2 Winter Staple Tastes Even Better in the Summer

published Aug 13, 2022
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Credit: Sarah Crowley

When I was in college in Boston, my now-husband and I frequented The Paris Creperie in Coolidge Corner. We of course went for the crepes, but stayed for their incredibly decadent frozen Nutella hot chocolate. I can’t even count the number of times we shared a glass of that simple-but-chocolate-y masterpiece — even during sub-zero-degree winters.

After graduating college, we moved to Southern California. I was happy to leave the snowy (and windy!) Boston winters behind, but needed to find a way to bring my favorite frosty beverage across the country with me, so into the kitchen I went! And after much taste testing — some were too thin, others lacked that distinct chocolate flavor — I found the combo that placed me right back in that creperie. And, funnily enough, the key ingredient was in my pantry all along!

Credit: Taylor Kocher

What’s So Great About Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix?

When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, we were firmly a Swiss Miss House and there wasn’t a winter that went by that I didn’t have a mug or two of hot cocoa a week. My mom usually made the mix with water instead of milk and I still remember it tasting super creamy and indulgent. That, in my opinion, is what made this mix the key ingredient in my copycat creperie frozen hot chocolate.

Credit: Taylor Kocher

The drink floats somewhere between a frosty and milkshake. Made with Swiss Miss, Nutella, milk, vanilla ice cream, and a handful of ice cubes all blended together, it’s smooth, rich, creamy, and, in my opinion, the ultimate chocolate-lover’s drink. I like mine with little bits of ice to make it all the more refreshing in hot weather (for a smoother consistency, you can simply blend it for longer).

And it’s infinitely customizable. If you want it thicker, add more ice cream. If you want it thinner, add more milk. More chocolatey? You guessed it: Add more Nutella or swap the vanilla ice cream for chocolate! Really, you can make it however you like.

The one non-negotiable is the Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix. But a dollop of homemade whipped cream on top and an extra drizzle of Nutella doesn’t hurt, either!

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