The Little Trick That Helps Me Keep My Kitchen Floors Nice and Clean

published Oct 4, 2021
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Most days, my kitchen floors look like the result of a produce warehouse explosion combined with a doggie daycare. We’re talking broccoli bits, stray kale pieces, and so much dog hair — courtesy of my corgi. Somehow, the mess accumulates within hours — even when I’m not in my kitchen! Although I mop my floors once a week, daily upkeep is needed — for that, I use a Swiffer with a disposable dry dusting pad. And I employ one super-smart trick that’s inspired by my mother.

Let me just say, my mom is the most efficient house cleaner I’ve ever met. She’s an expert at making the most of her time, including using extra little pockets of five or 10 minutes to tick off chores. Keeping my mother’s cleaning habits in mind, I’ve come to realize that planning ahead is half the battle.

Credit: Rochelle Bilow
The writer with her locked and loaded Swiffer!

So, my Swiffer trick is really simple: Every time I use the Swiffer, I trash the dirty pad and immediately refit it with a new one. I store the dry mop upside-down in a clean bin that also contains miscellaneous cleaning supplies. Turning it upside-down ensures that the dry pad won’t get dirty in the closet. But the real key here is refitting the mop with a fresh pad as soon as I’m done!

My old technique was to put new pads on my mop just before I was ready to use them, but thinking about how my mom makes the most of her time, I had an aha moment! Taking the extra 30 seconds to “prep” my Swiffer somehow seems easier after a cleaning session than before. I mean, I’m already in the cleaning zone! Plus, I know there have definitely been times when I’ve completely skipped cleaning my floors because I didn’t feel like grabbing a new pad and putting it on the mop.

Am I lazy? Oh, absolutely yes. I’ll be the first to admit that this hack is entirely about changing my mindset. It’s about tricking myself into thinking that cleaning is a quick and simple chore. It’s not, but removing barriers to the process certainly helps!

One other handy little hint for promoting regular Swiffer use? Always have a backup box or two of dusters in your cleaning closet! That way, you can never make an excuse that you’ve run out of supplies.

What little simple hacks do you use to trick yourself into cleaning? Share them in the comments!