The First Thing You Should Do with a New Swiffer Sheet

updated Apr 9, 2021
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Someone pulling Swiffer sheet out of box.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I never throw anything out without getting the most use possible out of it first. Plastic grocery bags get filled with vinegar and slipped over faucets before becoming trash can liners. Sponges get demoted to grosser cleaning tasks before I toss them. And dish rags get cut into smaller rags for around-the-house cleaning.

And while I try not to use single-use cleaning supplies, I have to admit, I love those dry Swiffer Sweeping Cloths. They’re just so good at attracting the dirt, dust, and pet hair that I want off my floors. And I like that don’t have to worry about washing them (because I don’t want all that stuff in my washing machine either!). But I do still try to follow that “get the most use out of them as humanly possible” philosophy. Which brings me to this tip.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

The First Thing You Should Do with a New Swiffer Sheet

To make your Swiffer sheets do double-duty and maximize each new sheet’s usability, there’s one thing you should do every time you pull out a new one: Use it to dust your TV screen. It’s an easy spot to overlook, but TV screens attract a remarkable amount of dust. Make it a habit to do this every time you grab a new sheet and, not only will your TV get the dusting it deserves, but the Swiffer will also get a little more mileage.

In addition to TV screens, Swiffer sheets are great for dusting any electronic screen, so before you get to those floors, give your laptop, tablet, and other screens a Swiffer swipe while you’re at it. Just dust your tech and then put the sheet to work on your floors.

One more idea to really get extra mileage out of each Swiffer sheet? Turn the pad around on your broom and use the other side. Note: You should NOT dust electronics with a wet Swiffer pad, but you can steal this use-both-sides trick with wet and dry cleaning sheets.

Do you use Swiffer pads? Do you have any smart tips or tricks? Share them in the comments below!

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