Valentine's Day

Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Candies Are Getting an Encouraging Upgrade This Year

published Jan 25, 2022
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Sweethearts Conversation Candies
Credit: Sweethearts Candies

Whether it’s Halloween and candy corn or Christmas and candy canes, my favorite holidays have always been the ones associated with good candy. And, of course, Valentine’s Day is no different.

While most people think of chocolate or cheese fondue, the first thing that comes to my mind are the longtime champs (in my eyes, at least), Sweethearts Candies. Thoughts of the iconic heart-shaped candy invoke memories of gifting my crushes with the “Be Mine” message to slyly drop hints. And in my opinion, the messages on the candies are just as integral to their staying power as their distinct taste.

To start this year on a positive note, Sweethearts Candies is taking their message-on-a-candy slogan a little further with their new “Words of Encouragement” theme. Sixteen new phrases like “WAY 2 GO,” “CRUSH IT,” and “HIGH FIVE” will be featured alongside classic slogans like “HUG ME” and “CUTIE PIE.” Each box will feature the original Sweethearts Candies colors in all of your favorite flavors including banana, grape, cherry, wintergreen, lemon-lime, orange, and blueberry. 

Whether gifted to a mentor, teacher, friend, or family member, the new theme aims to uplift recipients and can even serve as a gesture of gratitude for helping someone become their best self. To make this campaign launch even sweeter, Sweethearts Candies will be giving away 500 free boxes featuring the new phrases. Beginning January 25 (that’s today!), fans of the iconic candy can visit the candy’s website to nominate someone they want to express gratitude for or simply uplift with kind words. The lucky winners will be selected in time to receive their candy hearts by Valentine’s Day.

The new Sweethearts Candies “Words of Encouragement” line are available nationwide both in-store and online. And if you find yourself loving them as much as I do, this year your favorite heart-shaped candies will be available in a variety of options including single boxes, five-count packs, and assorted bag sizes.