Sweet Weekend Treat: Baked Grapefruit Alaska

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you looking for a lovely and light dessert for this weekend’s festivities? This Baked Grapefruit Alaska might be just the thing. Warm caramelized citrus, cool ice cream and a crusty meringue top? Yes please!

We’ll eat a grapefruit for almost any meal, but they’ve been picking up steam in the citrus popularity contest lately as we’re seeing them sneak their way into more dishes and especially desserts. The idea for this dish is relatively simple and can be prepared in advance (a bonus for busy kitchens this weekend) up until the last step.

You’ll start by scooping out the citrus, giving it a toss in some sugar and adding a bit of heat till it gets all warm and gooey. Next it goes back in the shell and chilled. Scoops of ice cream are added to the top and the whole thing gets frozen until it’s ready for the meringue topping and a little scorch from the oven. It’s bound to taste as pretty as it looks and could even make an appearance at a brunch if you so desire!

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