10 Recipes That Justify Eating Pancakes for Dinner

updated Jul 5, 2023
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Personally I never need a reason to make pancakes for dinner. Breakfast for dinner is almost a bi-weekly celebration of a near-empty fridge, and there are pretty much always pancake ingredients on hand. But if you need an excuse to eat pancakes for dinner, choosing pancakes with either a short ingredient list or a savory component easily justifies the occasion.

The Best Pancakes for Dinner

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Cornbread Pancakes with Strawberry Compote
These savory-and-sweet cornbread pancakes are the perfect breakfast-for-dinner food.
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5-Ingredient Cream Cheese Pancakes
These low-carb, Keto-friendly pancakes are made in a blender with cream cheese, eggs, and the flour of your choice.
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2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes
A step-by-step guide to making pancakes out of two ingredients: bananas and eggs.
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Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes

For pancakes that are equal amounts cheese and flour, use ricotta! You can add shredded veggies to the batter or top with a warm fruit compote for a seriously satisfying dinner.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet potatoes totally count as dinner, right? Work a few into pancakes and serve with crispy bacon and maple syrup and enjoy sweet potatoes as breakfast for dinner.

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Pumpkin Pancakes with Cranberry Topping

You know that can of pumpkin that’s hiding in your pantry from Thanksgiving? Use it up in these pumpkin pancakes; cranberries totally optional.

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Savory Tex-Mex Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch baby pancakes are incredible on their own, but adding some savory flavors to the batter and topping with black beans and a quick salsa makes for an out-of-this-world pancake. This is a decidedly savory, perfect-for-dinner affair.

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Savory Vegetable Pancakes

You knew a few vegetable pancakes had to make this list! These savory carrot and zucchini pancakes can be adapted to almost any leftover vegetables. Any bits and bobs from the crisper drawer are a reason to make this pancake.

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Scallion Pancakes

Scallion pancakes aren’t always considered as a centerpiece for the dinner table, but if you pair these with a couple of runny fried eggs for dipping, you’ve got an easy breakfast-meets-dinner meal.

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Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon)

These kimchi pancakes are great for using up a jar of kimchi. They have a short ingredient list and are incredibly flavorful despite their small stature.

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