Sweet & Sour: Preserving the Season With Pickled Fruit

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Looking for a fresh accompaniment to autumn’s rich braises and stews, or a sweet-and-savory dessert? Make a batch of pickled fruit! Simmered with spices and vinegar, fruits like grapes, pears and plums take on a whole new dimension.

Another plus to pickling fruit is that the process adds weeks to their refrigerated shelf life — or months if you hot-water can them — so you can enjoy late summer and autumn fruit throughout winter. When choosing fruits to preserve, look for unblemished fruit that is ripe enough to be flavorful, but not so ripe that the finished pickle is mushy.

Serve fruit pickles as an appetizer — they are wonderful on a cheese plate — as a sandwich side instead of the usual cucumber pickle, alongside braised or roasted meats, or mixed into salads. Sweeter, more syrupy pickles like the pickled peaches below can even be spooned over vanilla ice cream or served plain with simple cookies for dessert.

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Do you ever make fruit pickles?