Sweet Revenge: Fake Maple Syrup Could Soon Be Illegal

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ever buy maple syrup that doesn’t quite taste like the real stuff? You may have been a victim of what Vermont’s senators are trying to make a felony offense: selling fake maple syrup falsely labelled as real.

Yes, that’s right, selling boiled sugar labeled maple syrup could be a felony offense if the proposed legislation passes. This would be a steep change from the current law dictating such a crime as misdemeanor. Sen. Patrick Leahy explains:

“Too often, those who are willing to endanger our livelihoods in pursuit of their profits see fines as just a cost of doing business,” Leahy said in the statement. “We need to make sure that those who intentionally deceive consumers get a trip to jail, not a slap on the wrist.”

“Schemers should not easily be able to sully the seal of quality that is associated with genuine Vermont maple syrup,” he added.

More power to them! No one should be selling something labeled to deceive consumers.

What do you think?

(Images: Flickr user Doug Letterman licensed for use under Creative Commons)