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Sweet Potato and Sage Soup with Burrata Is a Dream Come True

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(Image credit: Half Baked Harvest)

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If you ever want to make a good impression or start a dinner party off on a high note, serve burrata. This milky, buttery Italian cheese makes every meal feel like an event. “Burrata” literally means “buttered.” It looks like a big ball of fresh mozzarella, but it’s really a hollow pouch, and when you slice into it, all the rich, milky, buttery insides come spilling out. This often prompts people to say, “Oops! Better eat it fast before it spills everywhere,” but really, I’m pretty sure they’re just grabbing for the cheese before everyone else gets it.

Burrata can be sliced and served with bread or as part of a salad, but it also adds something very special and unexpected to this sweet potato soup.

The soup itself is sweet and creamy. It’s made of sweet potatoes cooked with shallots, thyme, and a bit of nutmeg and blended until it’s smooth. This particular recipe calls for coconut milk instead of heavy cream, and the author says it’s a healthier option that gives all the creaminess and does not make the soup taste like coconut. On its own, it’s a classic sweet potato soup that would go over well as a light dinner, or as the first course for a holiday meal, but once it’s topped with chunks of creamy, savory burrata and homemade sage pesto, it becomes a real show-stopper.

The sage pesto is made by frying fresh sage in olive oil with some kale — the author says the kale is for color and heft, and doesn’t really taste like kale — and then blending it with pistachios, Parmesan, and crushed red pepper. It’s a fascinating, fall-appropriate take on traditional basil pesto that sounds like something to keep around and put on everything from sandwiches to bread to … more burrata.

This would be a great winter soup to eat at home while watching TV, but I’d definitely recommend inviting people over to eat it, because this is the sort of thing that makes guests’ jaws drop. The orange soup drizzled with green pesto and white burrata is visually stunning as well as warming and delicious. Serve this as a first course for a holiday meal, and people will be asking you to bring it to get-togethers for the rest of your life.

Get the recipe: Golden Sweet Potato Soup with Burrata and Sage Pesto from Half Baked Harvest

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

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