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You’d Never Guess That These Super-Fudgy Brownies Are Made with Sweet Potatoes

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People who follow a plant-based diet and people who don’t eat gluten deserve good desserts, too. Sure, a lot of diet-specific takes on classic desserts can lead a person astray. Who among us has not been burned by a coworker with a tray of suspicious cookies that look like chocolate chip but taste like cauliflower and artificial sweetener?

But there are a lot of good desserts out there for anybody who is willing to experiment a bit. And if you’re looking for a vegan or gluten-free brownie, or just a new favorite brownie recipe that’s a little bit more healthful, you should check out these moist, chocolatey fudge-bombs. They’re rich and dense — and you’d never guess their secret ingredient is sweet potatoes. 

Sweet potato brownies sound like something that would happen if a parent was trying to sneak more vegetables into some picky eaters, but it’s actually a pretty brilliant idea. Once you cook them, sweet potatoes are basically like candy. In this recipe, the cooked sweet potato is puréed until it’s smooth, and once you’ve added maple syrup, almond butter, and a lot of good-quality cocoa or cacao powder, you’d never know this started as a vegetable.  

Get the Recipe: Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies from Minimalist Baker

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